About Jacaranda

Hong Kong based writer and editor Rachel Wilson set up Jacaranda in 2009 to help clients with their editing, writing, publishing and consulting needs.

Jacaranda is all about shaping the English language to connect with the reader for marketing, educational, editorial, literary or academic purposes; in digital or print format.

Our credo …


“People are time-poor; their attention is pulled in all directions, so make your words count. Every last one of them.”


“Don’t settle for what’s been done before. Where’s the fun in that? Catch their eye, make them think, spark their imagination. Now you’re talking.”


“There’s no place for ambiguity. Whether it’s a six-year-old child using your teaching materials or a thirty-something foodie reading your latest dining offer, you need to get the message across.”


“Sloppy copy is the equivalent of a bad hair day or spinach between the teeth: everybody notices but nobody says anything. Check in a mirror before you step out the door. And … smile!”



Jacaranda’s educational clients encompass global educational publishers, non-profit organisations and ministries of education.

We write, edit, consult and train in the following areas:

  • English language teaching
  • Creativity in education
  • Experiential learning
  • ELT editing and authoring
  • English language testing


Jacaranda’s corporate clients range from luxury hotel chains, digital startups, film production companies and brand agencies to professional services firms.

We work with PR, Marketing Services, eCommerce, Merchandising, Brand Communications and HR teams to write, edit and proofread marketing, advertising, branding and communications copy.


In their words



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  • 661, Shek O Village, Hong Kong
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